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A Full Suite of Personalized Eye Care Services at Frost Eye Care

Frost Eye Care offers a comprehensive range of eye care services tailored for patients in Corvallis. We take a holistic approach to eye health, offering eye exams, emergency eye care, management of eye diseases, and a wide selection of eyewear and contact lenses for clear, healthy vision.

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Serious on Eyes, Soft on Patients: Our Unique Touch

What sets us apart is more than our professional expertise and unique approach to patient care. We create a light-hearted, friendly atmosphere where laughter and comfort coexist with top-notch eye care. We're serious about eye health, delivering our services with a warm smile.

Our Eye Care Services

Meeting Your Eye Health Needs

Frost Eye Care ensures the best eye care possible. Whether you're seeking glasses or contact lenses, our team will help you choose the perfect eyewear to ensure that you both look and see great!

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