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Meet Our Highly Experienced and Caring Optometric Team

Your vision isn't just a number on a chart; it's a reflection of your journey toward clarity, and our optometrists are here to guide you every step of the way with urgent care, eye exams for adults, and more. With 30 years of experience, they're compassionate professionals who give patients the time and care they deserve.

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See Clearly, Feel Valued: Frost Eye Care's Personal Touch

Our eye doctor are a husband-wife duo that doesn’t just run a clinic; they create a warm and inviting atmosphere where laughter and friendliness are as important as their serious work. Your eyes are in the hands of people who care deeply about your well-being, ensuring your experience goes beyond eye health — making you feel valued, understood, and respected.

Our Eye Doctor

Dr. Lisa Jones & Trevor Jones
Drs. Lisa and Trevor Jones are a husband and wife team with a true "mom-and-pop" business model. Dr. Lisa Jones is kind, easygoing, thoughtful, and maintains a positive outlook and good humor. Originally from Massachusetts, Lisa grew up mainly in Montana and Washington state and moved to Oregon for Optometry school. She has practiced optometry in various settings for almost 30 years and still loves helping people see. Outside of optometry, Lisa's interests range from reading science fiction/fantasy to aviation.  Trevor was born and raised in Oregon and attended Oregon State University for Construction Management. He is pleasant, caring, conscientious, practical, and enjoys helping people. Trevor has spent most of his career in construction, transitioning to optical this year. Outside of work, he enjoys board games and VR games.  Lisa and Trevor met at ballroom dancing lessons and still enjoy dancing together — they've even been known to bust out a few moves in the optical. They have two cats, Nya and Gizmo, that run the household....